Day excursion




By choosing to visit the village of Andrahibe, you will participate in the efforts of the association Home Madagascar, which is to support development in the field of education, health, environmental preservation, and financing professional projects of villagers via a unique micro-credit system.
(Part of the amount that tourists will pay for excursions will be donated to the association.)
You will leave the hotel for an authentic day in an isolated village situated in the north of Nosy Be.
This small village far from everything will allow you to meet the producers of ylang-ylang and other different horticultural crops.
While crossing their field, you will be given explanations from the villagers that your guide will translate. Once arrived in the village, you will be welcomed into a family that will teach you how to cook a typically Malagasy meal traditionally. After this culinary discovery, the guide will take you to meet other villagers.

You will go to the local school and meet the children. Then you will discover the techniques used by the women of the village to grind rice. Followed by techniques of carpenters, during the construction of houses or the traditional weaving of hats in raffia. You will also view the distillation of the essential oil of ylang-ylang, a true pillar of the local economy.